Making public transportation user friendly

A big slovenian petrol company Petrol d.d. held a UI / UX competition. The challenge was to create an application which would combine most of public transportation options and suggest best options based on your preferences.


First of all I wanted to get a general idea on how Slovenian people are using public transportation, so I started with a questionnare on Facebook and a qualatative interview with users. That helped me uncover some of the issues users are faced with.

I created a Google form
questionnaire and shared it online.

I asked my Facebook friends to fill out the questionnare. There were facts that surprised me:
Close to 25% of people actually used car as main option for commutes in the city.
Less than one third of users used bus once or less per week.
Users searched for information in more than 10 different places - LPP website, Google search, mobile applications etc.

I interviewed 2 users, one Slovenian and one foreign person living in Slovenia.

I did two in-depth half an hour interviews with a Ljubljana citizen and an Erasmus student currently living in Ljubljana.

I researched and compared existing transportation apps.

I found Google maps as the best all-in-one solution but it had many problems when it comes down to local traffic.

How might we? I got behind problems of potential users of public transportation.

I created 3 personas, daily user, occasional user and a tourist.

First two personas are primary users and third one is edge case with (almost) no knowledge of Slovenian public transportation.


Primary colors

Background colors


Just enter your phone number and start using the app right away.

Switch on location services for all the goodies.

Tooltips get you started first time you open the app. And later possibly.

Choose how you want to travel.
Taxi, shuttle, bus or train. Find them nearby and travel faster.

Or try smart search. You get suggestions based on your favourite and recent locations.

Choose how you want to travel. Recommended, fastest or cheapest.

Get directions with live updates.

And get notified, so you never miss your ride or station.