All in one to-do and calendar tool

I have 2 apps on my Iphone that I use most - Google calendar (which i use for events scheduling) and Todoist (which I use for quick notes and grocery shopping lists). For a long time I have been looking for an app that would successfully combine both and didn't find it, so I decided to make one myself instead.

How might we?

I tried to answer the following questions:
1. How to create project organisation easy?
2. How to make adding tasks quick, intuitive and fun?
3. How to integrate existing calendars and social media?
4. How to create project organisation easy?


I put down all HMW’s on post it notes and grouped them together.

Big idea

Mobile app that would combine a todo and a calendar app.

I researched other mobile apps

I have researched most of well known calendar and task management mobile apps. Besides those I focused a lot on two apps that I use most - Google calendar and Todoist.

I Google calendar use primarily to schedule events (either I create them myself or connect them from other platforms - Facebook, Meetup etc.) Lately I have been also using reminders a lot, since I would like to be reminded to do a certain task at a certain hour. During my workflow I realized I almost eliminated the need to create all day reminders since they usually don’t get done. As much as using Google Calendar is essential to my workflow I don’t really enjoy using it.

Todoist, on the other hand, is my online storage space. I use it to quickly write down things that need to get done and only later on, I organise them into projects and assign them to a certain date or hour. I use it to store work projects, trips, grocery lists etc.

Persona is a power user who needs an all-in-one solution for her tasks.


Primary colors

Accent colors


UI elements

Swipe right to finish a task.

Calendar events are tagged by colors.

Quickly add tasks to your projects and events.

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